3hunnaspartans-deactivated20140 said: Unethical experiments have been going on forever. It does not make autistic people anymore "oppressed" as anyone else just because they were amongst those experimented on unethically. Fuck off, stop reblogging my image, I run a humour blog, and this is bullshit

No, you don’t get to say whatever you want to say and get off without repercussions.  That’s not how it works.  You say harmful and inaccurate bullshit and you will get called out on it.  Publicly.  Don’t like it?  Don’t be an asshat in a public forum.

Autistic people are being tortured in the name of “treatment” BECAUSE we are Autistic.  People feel they have the right to control the movement of our bodies because it looks strange and thus disturbs them.  People feel they have the right to hurt us, even do things that might kill us or break us, in the hopes that it might make us “normal.”  If people locked nondisabled people away for months, years or their entire lives for committing no crime in a segregated environment with severe restrictions placed on their personal freedom, it would be a denial of all due process.  If this is done to an Autistic or otherwise developmentally disabled person, it’s considered acceptable, and the best place for them.  If people shocked a nondisabled person with the human equivalent of a dog shock collar for minor, harmless things, or locked that person in a windowless room, or held them down to the point where they suffocated, that would be considered a crime and a violation of that person’s bodily autonomy.  They do these and similar things to Autistic and disabled people all the time, and call it “treatment,” or euphemistically, “behavior management.”  We are not treated equally, socially or under the law.  This is oppression.

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  1. metapianycist said: Hey vitamincs-realtalk, THERE ARE POC AUTISTICS who are MORE OFTEN TARGETED WITH THIS SHIT than white autistics, contrary to your assertions of “white guilt.” Kindly fuck off.
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